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Hello Riders!

It's time to start gearing up for an amazing ride – Bike Around the Bay and Bike Around the Island 2024!  While the ride doesn't take place until October 19-20th, registration is now open and we are encouraging everyone, from our loyal team riders to newcomers exploring our site, to join TEAM PEARLAND BICYCLES!

This event isn’t just about cycling; it’s a chance to positively impact our local community and preserve the vital resources of Galveston Bay.

Take advantage of the early registration discount!

What's better than riding for a cause? Doing it together! With our weekly group rides, we build a strong camaraderie that not only makes us better cyclists but also creates lasting friendships. Training together for this event means more laughter, more shared miles, and an even greater impact on our local environment. 

Whether you're up for the two-day journey around the bay or a one-day adventure on the island, there’s a route for you. Plus, you’ll enjoy the scenic beauty and wildlife of Galveston Bay, all while contributing to its preservation.

We hope you can join us for Bike Around the Bay 2024. 

For more details and to register, check out the event pages on Galveston Bay Foundation and Bike Around the Bay.


Daryl Catching, Owner, Pearland Bicycles

About Bike Around the Bay

Bike Around the Bay is a celebrated fundraising event, showcasing the natural beauty and ecological importance of Galveston Bay. This 175-mile bicycle ride, taking place over two days, invites riders of all skill levels to explore the bay area, from Baytown to Galveston and back, experiencing its scenic landscapes and diverse wildlife firsthand. By participating, you're not just embarking on a memorable journey, but also supporting the Galveston Bay Foundation's efforts to protect this vital natural resource.

About the Galveston Bay Foundation

The Galveston Bay Foundation has been the guardian of Galveston Bay since 1987, dedicated to preserving, protecting, and enhancing its natural habitat for the benefit of future generations. Through a comprehensive approach involving education, habitat restoration, water protection, land conservation, and advocacy, the Foundation aims to ensure the sustainability and health of Galveston Bay. Your support, whether through participating in Bike Around the Bay, donations, or volunteering, is crucial in helping us achieve our mission of creating a thriving bay ecosystem.