We Love to Ride, Come Pedal With Us!

Weekly Rides


20-Mile Ride with Intervals 

This 20-mile ride, rolls from Pearland Bicycles every Tuesday evening at 6 PM.  This tempo ride takes us into the outskirts  of the City of Manvel and includes 4 interval sections. After each interval, riders will re-group and continue to ride until the next interval. This is a perfect for most riders and fitness levels. Come do your hard efforts without having to worry about being dropped by faster riders!  

Route :  Ride with GPS/ Tuesday Night Intervals


Pearland Bicycles Shop Ride 6 PM   2 Route & Pace Options. 

Intermediate Riders 25-30 Miles (16-18+ mph pace)

Beginner Riders 12-18 Miles (12-15 mph pace)   

Please know your abilities. If uncertain, please start with the 12.5 mile route.

After the ride, join us the patio of Grazia Italian Kitchen Pearland


Saturday 8AM  (7:30 during summer months May-September)

Sunday 8 AM 

C- group (15-17 mph pace & 30-40 miles ) will usually start at 7 AM both days. Group is flexible and welcome new riders and tries to work with your speed & distance. Please introduce yourself if new.  

Pearland Bicycles Family Fun Ride

1st Sunday of the Month 5:00 PM   

Casual Ride at a comfortable pace for all ages. Route takes us through the community near the shop or to a local eatery for treats.  Ride is approximately 5 miles in length and takes 30-40 minutes to complete. Plan to meet at our store at about 4:30-4:45 PM and roll out for the ride at 5:00. Visit the store or see our Facebook Page event for more details.

(Helmets are required and Lights are recommenced for all ages) 

Social Rides

follow us on Facebook for these awesome and fun pop-up rides!

 Regardless of what the group or rider in front of you does you are responsible for your own actions and knowing and obeying all traffic laws. Please call out all road hazards