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We Love to Ride, Come Pedal With Us!

Weekly Shop Rides


20-Mile Ride with Intervals 

This 20-mile ride, rolls from Pearland Bicycles every Tuesday evening at 6 PM.  This tempo ride takes us into the outskirts  of the City of Manvel and includes 4 interval sections. After each interval, riders will re-group/ slow roll and continue to ride until the next interval. This is a perfect for most riders and fitness levels. Come do your hard efforts without having to worry about being dropped by faster riders!  

Route :  Ride with GPS/ Tuesday Night Intervals


Pearland Bicycles Shop Ride 6 PM   

Thursday Night Shop Ride Route | Strava

This ride takes us from the shop out to Merdiana in Manvel/ Iowa Colony. Plan to ride together at a moderate pace of 17-20 MPH for 25-30 miles and have at least one quick stop to regroup.

Everyone is invited to hang out after the rides and socialize.

Weekend Rides

Standing Rides

DayStart TimeDescriptionStart LocationPhone
Every Saturday7"30 AMSaturday RidePearland Bicycles281-741-2115
Every Sunday8 AM (year round)Sunday RidePearland Bicycles281-741-2115

These are standing rides as established by the Pearland Cycling Club and are open to all.  Historically, there is an A,B, & C pace group. The ride distance is determined by participants at the start of each ride. C & B Groups usually ride 30-45 miles, where the A- Group will most often ride 45-60 miles. If your looking to ride a shorter distance let others know and you will probably find someone to break off early and ride back with you.

We recommend showing up a few minutes early and introducing yourself.  

Here are a few basic safety rules to follow:

  • Helmets & Lights are required
  • Follow traffic laws, safety is #1 Priority
  • No In-ear Headphones (Aftershokz , and other bone conducting headphones are acceptable)
  • Be Predictable and make your intentions clear
  • Call out road hazards
  • Hold your line & avoid half wheeling
  • Be a good ambassador for cycling

Don't forget your ID, hydration, snacks, shoes, flat repair kit, or your front wheel!

Social Rides

follow us on Facebook for these awesome and fun pop-up rides!

 Regardless of what the group or rider in front of you does you are responsible for your own actions and knowing and obeying all traffic laws. Please call out all road hazards