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Cycling Analysis & Bike Fitting

Bike Sizing vs Bike Fitting

Bike Sizing

In it's simplest form, "bike sizing" can be as simple as looking at a chart and selecting a bike based on your height. As you would image this can have very different results for different people. more often then not leads to a disappointing outcome.  Test riding bikes is another option, but your selection is compromised as it's limited to the bikes in stock as built.  One may feel better then the other, but could still be completely the wrong choice and neither may be optimized for you.  

Bike Sizing done right! - The Dynamic Fit Bike

Utilizing our Purely Custom Dynamic Fit Bike we're able to replicate any bike and make adjustments on the fly to find your preferred riding position.  We use the information we gather from the fit bike and Pure Position Software to quickly determine which bike best fits you or if any changes are need to the current bike you are riding. All of this is done quickly without you even leaving the saddle. Speaking of saddles, we offer a great saddle selection and can help you find the perfect one with gebioMized pressure mapping as part of our Dynamic Fit Analysis to find you the perfect one. 

Dynamic Fit Analysis

If you want the most comfort , performance or efficiency on the bike, while reducing your chance of injury then the answer is a defin

Do I  need a Professional Cycling Analysis?

If you want the most comfort , performance or efficiency on the bike, while reducing your chance of injury then the answer is a definitive YES, you can benefit from a professional cycling analysis. To learn more about our fit services or schedule an appointment, call us today. 

What to bring:

On the day of your appointment, please remember to bring your bike, shoes and all your normal cycling gear. including jersey. If you don't have any of this yet not a problem we stock a complete selection of shoes, and apparel and can help get you outfitted with the right gear to fit your budget.

Advanced Bike Sizing


  • "Comfort Driven"
    • Dynamic Sizing using Purely Custom Fit Bike
    • Saddle height & for/ aft position
    • Crank Length Assessment
    • Optimize handlebar reach
    • Optimize stem height
    • Bike Selection 

Dynamic Fit Analysis


    • Consultation
    • Physical Assessment
    • On-BIke Assessment
    • GebioMized Saddle Selection & Pressure Mapping
    • Motion Metriq Video Analysis
    • Bike & Component Selection
    • Bike Adjustments
    • Documentation

Shoe/ Cleat Fitting


  • Consultation
  • Foot & Arch Measurement
  • Shoe / Pedal Selection
  • Footbed sizing & Installation
  •  Cleat Installation & Adjustment
  • Pedaling Analysis
  • Documentation

Contact us to schedule your cycling analysis and discover your best ride today.